Welcome to the Special Mention Page


Some people deserve special mention, so I decided to give them their own page complete with explanations


This person wins the award for being the most ridiculous driver ever.  My software clocked this Mustang at 49.5MPH on the far side of the street.  This means that he was going at least 60MPH.  I checked and re-checked; they were definitely going that fast.  There is a movie after the still shot, good luck getting Windows to play it smoothly.  I suspect this is a kid from JVHS.  His/her parents should be proud.  The truck behind them is speeding too, but the next vehicle, going the other way is traveling at the speed limit.  You can easily see that the Mustang is going twice as fast.



Click here to see the video.


Here is an officer going by at less than 10MPH and then barely 90 seconds  later, an idiot goes by at 35.  He had just passed other officers at the other end of the block.  I really hope they nail this clown to the wall.  I’m assuming that they were cutting through, but for all I really know they could live just a few houses down from me.



This guy came down Rio Grande and hogged his way thru the stop sign at Wall instead of letting me take my turn.  He then proceeded to speed down Wall in the rain.  To make matters worse, he hardly slowed down at the stop sign at Carlsbad and then really started speeding.  By the time I got to where I could see the stop sign at Senate, he was already completely out of sight.  Keep in mind that the further a car is from my curb, the lower his speed reads.  I was also tinkering with my software and camera setup so the speed is reading about 10% lower than reality.  He was doing at least 35MPH.



This car makes a practice of parking like this on a daily basis at Post Elementary School.  I have heard that this person works the second shift, so I guess they feel it’s ok to take the handicap “easement” while also taking space from the actual handicapped spot.  It is not legal to park on the striped area.



This is the same vehicle doing the same thing, just on a different day.  You can clearly see the empty spots just a few spaces down.  They arrive in the afternoon when the lot is full of empty spaces.  They’re just “special”.



Speaking of special, I mean really; they come to the school for open house, and then endanger everyone’s lives by blocking the fire lane.  We knew the lot would be full so we parked down the street and walked.  It didn’t kill us either.  Their “buddy” got away before I could get his picture.  He was parked behind this car and up on the grass.  I guess that made it OK in his mind since he only had half his vehicle in the way.



This guy saw me out in the front yard and thought I’d be impressed with his gunning the engine and then accelerating even faster than he was already going.  As you can see, I clocked him at 33MPH, though he continued to accelerate well past my house.  I guess he isn’t aware of my web site.  I couldn’t get his plate number, but I did see that he has a Christian fish on the tailgate and a black bed liner.  If anyone recognizes him, tell him where to see a nice picture of his truck.